Sonulase Age-Defying LightBrush
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Introducing Sonulase, the World's First device that combines medical grade, Age Fighting Red Light with Daily Cleansing. Originally discovered by NASA, 660nm RED light interacts with the body’s own natural processes to stimulate collagen production. Now strengthen sagging skin and reduce wrinkles while you cleanse.


Renew your skin with the same medical grade RED light used by dermatologists to build collagen and elastin. See visible results in as little as four weeks!

Wrinkles appear as you age because the environment and your own genetics slow your skin's natural firming process. Sonulase uses advanced RED light technology, originally created by NASA, to penetrate deep below the surface to increase collagen and elastin production, thus plumping the skin and reducing wrinkles. 

Other signs of aging are caused by an accumulation of pigmentation and dead cells on your skin's surface. Sonulase's exfoliating bristles smooth away imperfections leaving softer, younger-looking and more radiant skin.

Use your Sonulase in TWO different ways - for daily cleansing or RED light therapy or better...BOTH! 

Mode 1: Daily Cleansing with RED Light Therapy
Use daily to exfoliate and cleanse impurities to immediately give you softer, smoother skin. 

Mode 2: Targeted RED Light Therapy
Select two days each week to target heavily wrinkled areas with RED light only to build collagen and increase volume from beneath skin surface. 

Visibly reduce the signs of aging while you cleanse!

Bacteria Fighting Ultraviolet Light
Cleansing brushes can collect bacteria that grow due to the warm, moist bathroom environment. Sonulase's patent pending UV Cleanlight
Technology emits the same ultraviolet light used to clean dental and surgical instruments to attack bacteria. The best part is that it is activated each time Sonulase is put back on the charger. Each time you use Sonulase will be a clean start!

"My face looks tighter. My husband never compliments me on my skin. Out of the blue, he said my skin looks great. He thinks the Sonulase is really working. It has made a big difference for me. I love it."

Valen W. - 58 years old

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